IBIS droid OMSI IBIS for Android™

IBIS droid for Android makes it possible to control the IBIS, cashdesk and the ticketprinter from OMSI (Aerosoft - more) via your smartphone or tablet

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  • IBIS

    With this App you can use all IBIS-functions such as entering Line-Numbers and Routes and advancing the stop anouncements directly from your smartphone touchscreen.

  • Cashdesk

    The cashdesk makes it possible to give out change with only a tap with your finger. Currently the app supports the following currencies: DM, Euro.

  • Ticketprinter

    Tickets can be printed easily and in case you print the wrong ticket it can be removed with a simple tap on the cancel button.

    OS Android (2.1 or above)
    OMSI Version 1.x
    Features IBIS, Cashdesk and Ticketprinter
    Maps Grundorf, Spandau 1989, Rheinhausen, Römerberg, Bad Kinzau, Teltow, Langbach, Landkreis Wehlen, Weyershausen, Szczecin, and more (suggest new)
    Busses D92
    Currency DM, Euro
    Ticketpacks Berlin, Berlin_euro, Römerberg, Bad Kinzau, Langbach
    Version 1.3.4 (published: 27. December 2013)



System requirements


OS Version 2.1 or above
Space requirements about 800 KB


Requires working OMSI 1.x installation
HDD Space about 500 KB

You also need a Wifi Router.


The application consists of two parts. One for Windows and the app for Android


The plugin will be installed via the OMSI Addon Manager. (Download). The download link for the plugin is the red button on the right hand side.

Theres no further configuration necessary. The plugin will launch together with OMSI the next time you start it.

Please remember the IP displayed in the plugin (e.g. You'll need it later for the android app.


The android app is available from the Google Play Store (green button on the right).

After launching the app for the first time it needs to be configured.

Press Settings. Enter the IP adress as displayed in the plugin. Furthermore you can select the desired map, currency and ticketpack. These settings can be changed at any time. If you select Default the app will automatically select the default currency/ticketpack for the selected map.

IBIS delay (SD202)

In order to get the delay working you need to edit two OMSI files. Please make a backup before changing any default files.


Open the file OMSI/Vehicles/MAN_SD202/Script/IBIS-2.osc and look for the following lines:

l0 abs l0 abs trunc - 10 * " 1" $IntToStrEnh

and add the following line below:

(M.V.GetTTDelay) (S.L.TEST_delay)

 Now open the file OMSI/Vehicles/MAN_SD202/Script/IBIS_varlist.txt and add the following line at the end:


Bugs / Errors

Bugs and errors can be reported via email to info@gcmods.de or directly via the Bugtracker at GitHub .


In case of questions or trouble send me an email to: info@gcmods.de


Here is a list of common questions.

Error "Komponente mit der Bezeichnung Form1 existiert bereits"

This error can happen if you have also installed the Addon "Hamburg Tag & Nacht".

Temporary Fix: In the folder "OMSI/plugins" rename the file "hamburg.opl" in "hamburg.txt".

Support for Map X

Add your map to the list. It will be integrated at some point. Wishlist

Is there a Version for iOS?

There is currently no version for iOS


1.3.4 27. December 2013

New maps.

  • MapSupport for the following maps added: Dobel (iajer), Lemmental (Sev99LC), Tannenberg Gothen (Tomdresden), Ahlheim (davidm2412). Thanks to iajer.

1.3.3 02. December 2013

New maps and bugfixes.

  • MapSupport for the following maps added: Rhodenau (NahverkehrFan), SSB Linie 74 (doho), Gothenberg (Roland15) Thanks to MarvinK
  • FixedError in Weyershausen fixed.

1.3.2 12. September 2013

New map and 7".

  • Map Support for the following maps added: Velbert (karsten-velbert) Thanks to MarvinK.
  • New Support for 7"

See here for a list of past changes in German. Future changelogs will be available in English.


For questions, comments or suggestions please use the form below.